DMV Practice Test

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If you believe you are ready for the first big step towards moving around independently at will, please proceed to the other sections of this website!


100% free with no registration required. You can take the practice tests as many times as you want to with no cost and no hassle!


All the questions are taken directly from the Driver’s License State Manuals to prepare you better for the actual test. The questions are also carefully designed to reflect the format of the real test. No surprises in the test session! Our practice tests help you sail through the test even if you have not reviewed the manual. So, don’t worry and just pull up the sail!


Don’t have a chunk of time or patience to practice at one go? Don’t want to be hunching over your desk all the while as you are preparing for your test? We share the same feeling! That is why we added this feature so that you can practice anywhere any time! Just download the ap on your cell phone and make the most of small bits of idle time you find here and there while waiting in the doctor’s office, in a car, at the bus stop or lying comfortably on your favorite couch!


To ensure your success in the written test at the first try, we have devised one of the most exhaustive sources of practice questions for you. There are three sets of questions for every state; two sets of thirty questions with the total of sixty questions covering the road rules and another set of thirty questions covering the road signs. Educate and evaluating your knowledge of driving and gain self- confidence necessary to pass the test!